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Who We Serve

When it comes to radio campaigns that produce results, Westar Media is the partner we love working with!

Terry Harris, Director of Fundraisers
KKLA-FM Los Angeles, CA

Ministries & Broadcasters

Westar Media serves as a strategic media partner with Christian ministries providing national radio syndication and award-winning program production in short-form (1:00 & 2:00) and long-form (25:00 & 52:00), marketing services, program distribution, program format creative and consulting, media airtime buys and paid station ROI assessment.

Radio Stations

Westar Media works as a media liaison between our clients and more than 4,000 Christian and secular radio stations throughout the U.S. and around the world, to help accomplish our client’s goals and to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Publishers & Authors

Westar Media is the perfect choice for book giveaway promotions on radio stations and networks, social media marketing campaigns, media buys, radio spot production, video spot production, and audio books.

Pastors & Churches

Westar Media is your church media partner for creative radio program copywriting and production, local and national radio syndication, social media campaigns, website development, mobile APP development, graphic design, and media buys.

Independent Artists & Bands

Westar Media helps unsigned, independent artists and bands get airplay on Christian radio stations throughout the U.S. and around the world. We provide marketing services for the release of radio singles. We also produce ½ hour and 1-hour radio specials featuring the artist/band’s music and stories behind the songs.