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National Radio Syndication


In a noisy media world, content has to be promoted to be heard or seen. Westar Media not only adds marketing horsepower to expand your program’s audience reach, we plot and pave the road with strategic execution.

For 25 years, Westar Media has launched and built 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 creative short feature radio programs airing on hundreds of non-paid and paid stations, social media, radio networks, satellite channels and ministry digital platforms.

When it comes to media buys, we take your donor dollars seriously. Even modest  airtime budgets can lead to dramatic results when allocated and chosen wisely. We know the right markets, the right stations, the right timeslots, the right rates and the right reasons to buy your media.

Marketing without strong program content and high-caliber creativity is ineffective. Our strategy syncs it all together.

Expand Your Audience Reach.

25 Years of Results!

The Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren
2:00 Daily

1,416 Stations

God Spots

Skip Heitzig
1:00 Daily

794 Stations

Ask The Theologian

Dr. Randy White
25:00 Weekly

415 Stations

Washington Watch

Tony Perkins
1:00 Daily

595 Stations

Promise Keepers

1:30 Daily

1,247 Stations

Homecoming Radio

Bill Gaither
60:00 Weekly

2,198 Stations

Bringing Up Girls

Dr. James Dobson
1:00 Daily

733 Stations

Lamplighter Theatre

Dr. Mark Hamby
28:00 Weekly

1,071 Stations


Ted Baehr
2:00 Daily

273 Stations

Israel in the News

The Fellowship
3:00 Weekly

1,312 Stations

Presidential Prayer Team

1:00 Daily

1,081 Stations

Home School Heartbeat

Mike Farris
2:00 Daily

1,205 Stations

The Salvation Army

1:00 Daily

498 Stations

Uncommon Moments

Tony Dungy
1:00 Daily

692 Stations


1:00 Daily

285 Stations

Women of Faith

2:00 Daily

394 Stations

Your best radio is yet to come!

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