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Independent Artist & Band Marketing


There is a lot of artistically interesting and professionally produced independent Christian music that few people ever hear. We want to change that.
Westar Media provides 3 PROMOS for Christian artists, bands, worship leaders and record labels.
Radio Specials
We market your music in a creative way that gets the attention it deserves.
We produce ½-hour and 1-hour radio specials featuring your music and the stories behind the songs. We take your new 5-song EP, or your full album, or a compilation of your best songs, or your record label’s greatest hits/artist roster, and we produce a compelling, behind-the-scenes audio portrait of your music.
New This Month™
You are passionate about your music. So are we.
Once per month we send Westar Media’s New This Month™ to our master database of over 223,000 Christian music fans, music industry people, music executives, managers, record labels, Christian radio stations and churches. We position your new EP, your new radio single, your new music video or your national radio special in front of this important VIP list.
Independent artist and band icon

“I have had the opportunity to work with Westar Media on a number of occasions and they have been wonderful. They provide a valuable service for indie artists and I’m grateful for their good work!”

—Rick Lee James

Give us a shout. We’ll make you a believer.