Consumer Engagement with Christian Media || Rick Dunham

There’s no doubt that the modern media landscape is a fast-changing force. But you might be surprised at how people of all ages are consuming media – especially Christian media!

Watch as Dunham+Company founder and CEO Rick Dunham unpacks the latest US-based research on who’s consuming Christian media and why. Whether you’re a programmer for traditional media or otherwise involved in Christian radio, you’ll learn how best to engage your audience – and what you can do to maximize your impact in the future. This video series will show you…

• The similarities and differences in media preferences for American adults and teenagers

• The top four reasons why adults and teenagers tune in to Christian radio

• Six major implications of the study findings that will help shape your strategies for the future


To understand the results of this new study, it’s important to know what, exactly, is being studied. In this introductory session, Rick explains the purpose of the study and gives you an overview of its methodology. 

General Media Consumption

What’s the general population like when it comes to media consumption? The answer may surprise you. This video dives into some of the highest-level results of the study, looking at the spiritual state of US adults and teenagers, and their general media consumption habits.

Media with Christian Content

Now that you know how general media performs, how does Christian media compare? This video explores the most popular types of Christian media for each demographic, the four major reasons why each demographic tunes in, and how we should expect each demographic to consume Christian media in the future.


Understanding the trends shown by the study, this video draws six major implications from the study – and they’re surprisingly encouraging. You’ll also learn strategies that your organization can implement to reach the masses and expand your impact.

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Rick Dunham
CEO, Dunham+Company

For nearly 40 years, Rick has helped nonprofit organizations exceed their fundraising goals and increase their impact. Since founding Dunham+Company in 2002, he’s served organizations around the world creating fully integrated fundraising and marketing strategies. He is also a well-respected voice on issues surrounding charitable organizations.