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You can maximize the success of your business — if you apply The Halo Effect in your advertising.  At Radiance, We utilize this strategy every day.

Psychologist Edward Thorndike* first identified the“halo effect.”   In 1920, he noted that, when military leaders identified subordinates with strong leadership qualities, they evaluated them positively on virtually every other character trait as well. 

This is The Halo Effect:  If an observer likes one aspect of something, they will have a positive predisposition toward everything about it.  Here’s how The Halo Effect can help you:

Your company fits into one of four categories:  well-known, with a positive reputation; well-known with a negative reputation; a positive reputation but mostly unknown; or mostly-unknown, with a negative reputation.   

Most good businesses suffer from low name awareness.  The good news is:  broadcast advertising can improve your name awareness and “positives” very quickly.

Here are proven ways you can apply the Halo Effect

Attach Your Little-Known Name to a Well-Known Name.

If I say the words “celebrity endorsement,” chances are you’ll say that you can’t afford it.  And yes … it would be expensive to get an endorsement from a national figure like Peyton Manning or Oprah Winfrey.  But hosts of popular local (or even national) radio talk shows are available to “voice” your ad at affordable rates.

Here’s how it works:  you’ll pay a radio station the regular fee for your ad. You’d then pay a separate “talent fee” to the talk show host or on-air personality to endorse your product or service.  These fees vary widely. But many are a bargain — $500 per month or less.

These are done on a “product-exclusive” basis, so your direct competitors will be blocked from using their voice.  Your host may even do a fresh, “live” (not recorded) ad every day.  The best host-voiced ads are “testimonials.” In these, the popular host doesn’t just tell listeners about you.  He or she tells the story of how you’ve helped them personally through your unique product or service.  You go from “largely unknown” to “known” almost overnight.


If you depend on “word of mouth,” please know that it is impossible to control.  This is “word of mouth,” on rocket fuel.

The Halo Effect is a transfer of credibility.  The credibility of top local hosts and broadcast personalities can become yours.  

You can say good things about yourself.  But how much more powerful it is to have a celebrity tell their fans about you?


It’s important to gain “market share.”  It’s even more important to avoid losing market share. It doesn’t cost any more to work with me.   In fact, you’ll probably pay less.  I can help.  Call for a free coffee meeting and a no-obligation written assessment of your marketing advantages.  (760) 415-6055.

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“Radio is the most immediate way to change consumer habits and practices, and at the same time, demand a specific action at a specific time and place.” 

— John Lyons, Advertising from the Inside Out