So You Work in Radio || Mike Prendergast

“So you work in radio? Christian radio, you say?  You guys play that church music right?”

Yes, but there’s more to it than that.  As a Christian music radio station, we have a responsibility not only to play music that expands Christ’s message, to be an encouragement and inspiration to those listening, but also be a beacon of light in an increasingly darkened community.  If you’re simply playing music about Jesus, but not being the hands and feet of Christ in your community and on the radio, you are no different than someone’s Spotify playlist.  You’re simply a jukebox. (That’s an old timey record player for you young folk. J)

94.9 KLTY is in the heart of the “Bible Belt”.  But that belt isn’t what it was when your parents were around, it’s become worn around the edges and some of the belt loops have loosened.  The Millennial generation is less likely than past generations to consider themselves as “Christian” or to attend a church service regularly.  Blogger Frank Powell hit this on the head when he lists some of the reasons churches are not reaching Millennials; churches have a hard time changing with the times, they are not authentic or transparent, some do not take care of the community around them and others are divisive.

Millennials are also much less likely than any other previous generation to listen to terrestrial radio.  Preferring to get their music on demand from the multitudes of streaming platforms.

But one thing we have learned that Millennials are looking for, is a way to be involved and to give back to the community around them.

And that is where our Christmas Wish, Speak Love and Win Win campaigns come into focus.  It’s a way our listeners can come together as a community to help those in need, to donate their time or money, to bless others with their blessings or sometimes to help with a community project.

Christmas Wish:  Bridgett had to live in her car while she was homeless. She got a job at Chick-Fil-A, was able to move into an apartment and was beginning to get on her feet when she totaled her car.  When a listener let us know her story, we knew we had to help.  Christmas Wish, with the help of listeners and one special advertiser, was able to provide her with a car so she can continue to support her family and get to work every day.  The video of afternoon host Bonnie Curry surprising Bridgett in the drive thru to give her a car will bring you to tears:

Speak Love:  April, a social worker in Watauga, told us about Janette and her kids. This family has endured years of terrible abuse and the aftermath left their whole world in shambles.  Janette was in a wheel chair, a result from the abuse.   What they needed was a fresh start, a clean, repaired, wheel chair accessible home, and a chance to begin healing. Over three days, with the help of listeners and advertisers, the Speak Love team brought Janette’s house back to life:

Win Win:  It’s fun to win prizes on the radio.  You know what’s more fun?  To win prizes on the radio AND another prize to bless someone in your life. Win a pair of concert tickets and get another pair to invite someone in your community.  Win cash and get additional cash to bless someone in need. Win a family ski vacation, there’s another trip to bless a good friend.  We call it a Win Win.  One example of this is Orella who won cash in our Secret Sound contest.  While she was excited to win the cash, she was even more excited that she was receiving an extra $500 to bless someone.  She quickly told us she wanted to bless her sister, and single mother Dorcas who had been going through a difficult time.  But even better than this was that one of our listeners heard her story and was moved by her story and wanted to help the sisters even more.  This anonymous donor matched the winning amount and when we gave these additional checks to Orella and Dorcas, the tears flowed:

We should all be playing music that glorifies Christ and tells the saving message of Jesus Christ. When we’re on the radio we should be encouraging, we should be inspiring, and we should be compassionate. But if we stop there, we are missing God’s purpose for our lives.

To quote the late Rich Mullins… “It’s about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. Faith without works, it just ain’t happening.”

Go be a light in your community.

Mike Prendergast
Program Director, KLTY

Article reposted with permission from Christian Music Broadcasters 

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