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Ron Vietti


“I desire to teach people how to have a vibrant and living relationship with God through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, who is given to all who receive Him into their lives as Lord and Savior. As the early church in the book of Acts reached out and touched their world with the love and presence of God, Christians can do the same today!”

Pastor Ron Vietti

Valley Bible Fellowship

Bakersfield, CA

Simple Life

Simple Life with Pastor Ron Vietti of Valley Bible Fellowship (Bakersfield, CA) will help your listeners learn Biblical Truth and become an enthusiastic representative of Jesus.

  • EXPERIENCE the simple, yet amazing love of Jesus
  • REACH the lost, the lonely the complacent with the love of Jesus
  • LEARN Biblical truths
  • DISCOVER a vibrant relationship with God
  • UNDERSTAND Bible messages relevant to modern times
  • SHARE God in a real way to others
  • ENCOURAGE discipleship by showing others the love of God
  • BECOME an enthusiastic representative of Jesus
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