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Bruce Bruinsma

Founder & CEO

Bruce Bruinsma is a central figure in the “Retirement Reformation” movement. As the Founder and CEO of Envoy Financial, a retirement provider that serves those in ministry, Bruce has encouraged men and women for over 25 years to look at retirement as a “Future Funded Ministry” where they will have the time and financial freedom to apply a life’s worth of talent and experiences to God’s Kingdom.

In 2017, Bruce formed the Live with Meaning Foundation to further empower Christians towards an entire lifetime of ministry.

The Retirement Reformation book by Bruce Bruinsma helps you find freedom in the Final (and Best) decade of Your Life.

“In Retirement Reformation’s 1:00 radio program, Bruce Bruinsma helps to empower the more than 50 million Christians in retirement to embrace God’s calling for the best part of their life. We’re excited to air Retirement Reformation on Sirius XM!”

Thomas Moyer
General Manager
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Retirement Reformation

Countless Christians are entering a state of spiritual dormancy not realizing or knowing how they can continue to have an impact for God’s Kingdom. What would the church look like with all generations maximizing their impact for God’s Kingdom?

Most Christians tend to follow the world’s pattern of rest and self-pampering during retirement. However, their last quarter could be focused on God’s unique call to love, serve, and help others. In fact, it could be their best season if they take advantage of a life’s worth of knowledge and experience combined with a greater freedom of time and money.

A reformation has begun to encourage Christians to find and follow God’s call in all seasons and aspects of life.



1:00 Programs – 5 per Month

Your Listeners Can Thrive in Retirement!