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Lydia Kaiser 

Teach Kids! Host

Teach Kids! is a 1:00 Daily and 4:30 Weekly radio program hosted by Lydia Kaiser. The program’s purpose is to equip adults with the tools to teach the next generation through discipleship.

Teach Kids! brings a much needed spotlight to the challenges and opportunities for presenting the gospel to children, particularly when so many other ministries focus almost exclusively on reaching adults.  Considering the corrupt influences bombarding the minds of children in our present society, this feature inspires action to directly confront this danger with the protective, transformative light of the gospel.

David Summers


Child Evangelism Fellowship

Teach Kids! is a short and powerful “HOW TO” for parents and children’s ministry workers. Practical topics cover things we struggle with to things you might not have thought about. Our goal is to equip you with aspects of gospel parenting, evangelism, and discipleship – helping you teach the kids in your life, whether they are your own or those to whom you minister. Host, Lydia Kaiser, has three young adult children, taught children in many settings, and trained teens and adults for children’s ministry. 


Daily 1:00 Programs

Weekly 4:30 Programs